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Medical Imaging Department

The products distributed by this Department includes medical imaging-related products for the radiology division as well as cardiology and cardiac surgery divisions, including contrast agent for image reading, high-end medical diagnosis display monitors and whole product series for interventional therapy. For interventional therapeutic products, our company distributes products of various internationally well-known brands, thereby providing comprehensive services for peripheral vascular, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular therapies. The Department upholds the business philosophy of TBMS. In addition to providing first-class products, we also provide the most professional service for educational training and clinical application.

Contrast Medium
Contrast medium is a substance capable of generating a difference in the tissue image contrast after entering the human body. For organs like the stomach, biliary tract, urinary system, intestine, blood vessel that cannot be clearly seen on regular x-ray slides, the use of a contrast medium is able to display such organs clearly. However, adverse reactions, such as allergies, in particular, caused by contrast medium on patients has been a nightmare to physicians and patients. After developing a new generation of non-ionic contrast mediums, it can significantly increase the safety of use for patients, and most of the contrast media used nowadays belong to this type of it.
High-Precision Medical Diagnosis Display Monitors
Medical display monitor for mammography, X-ray, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasonic equipment, etc., is able to integrate with the image files photographed with the patient’s personal file in the hospital in order to provide the file to physicians as a basis for determination and preparation of diagnostic reports. Since the diagnosis can be critical and essential to patients, such monitors are required to have an extremely high standard. The reading of a general image requires a monitor of 2-million-pixel resolution. If a monitor is used for diagnosis purposes, it requires a resolution above 3 million pixels. For breast photography, a monitor with a resolution above 5 million pixels is required.
Peripheral Vascular Product Series
The product line is mainly for the treatment of occluded blood vessels in order to improve and recover the blood flow. We provide various types of balloon occlusion catheters and stents. We also provide hemodialysis products applicable to patients requiring catheters due to central vein occlusion.
Cardiovascular Product Series
This product line nearly covers all consumables necessary for the Catheterization Room and coronary interventional therapy. The new generation of medicine application stent is able to provide relatively safe and effective therapy. In addition, cardiac electrophysiological products for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias are also available.
Cerebrovascular Product Series
A catheter is used to enter the blood vessel inside the human body and reach the specific part requiring therapy. Relevant materials required are used to perform treatment on the part. In the past, it often required surgery of a large area to treat vascular disease symptoms. As medical treatment technology advances, a tiny wound is required during the treatment process, and suitable medical materials can be used to perform the treatment. As a result, the risk is reduced given the smaller wound. In addition to that, the post-surgery recovery time is also fast, achieving excellent treatment effect.
Hand-held Wireless Ultrasound
In recent years, due to the rapid growth of the aging population, it has caused a severe impact on the national medical expenditure, and the demand for medical equipment also increases significantly, leading to demand over supply for medical resources. Large hospitals are often crowded with patients. We believe that the concepts of preventive medicine and home care will become more popular in the future, and medical products capable of satisfying such demands are medical instruments compact in size and portable.
There are many large hospitals and institutions in Taiwan equipped with only one or two traditional ultrasonic equipment in their emergency rooms. This is mainly due to the expensive cost of such equipment, and the equipment may also be obsolete as it is not updated frequently. Traditional ultrasonic equipment is bulky in size, thus inconvenient to use. Consequently, such equipment tends to be stored in the corner without frequent use.
Our company is committed to improving human living quality and is dedicated to improving and overcoming such phenomena. Accordingly, we decide to carry and distribute wireless handheld ultrasound in light of achieving a smoother and faster medical process, without being limited by the size, price or even the distance of ultrasonic equipment. The miniaturization technology of ultrasound is expected to allow ultrasound to enter small clinics, ambulance vehicles, home care and emergency medical treatment etc. In addition, medical products of greater performance can also be provided to remote areas.