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Product & Service
Surgical OperationDepartment

This Department distributes surgical consumables that
are essential to neurological surgery. Products include CSF drainage catheter,
dura regeneration matrix and
intracranial pressure monitoring system.
In 2019, we further included the production line
for dermal regeneration template,
capable of regenerating damaged skin tissues.
In 2019, the product line of the dermal regeneration template
The Department upholds the business philosophy of TBMS.
In addition to providing first-class products,
we also provide the most professional
service for educational training and clinical application.

Dermal Regeneration Template (Artificial Dermis)

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it provides important functions, including protection, stability, defense against environmental stimulation and intrusion of pathogens, etc.
In case the skin is damaged due to various injuries, and its original form and function cannot be recovered easily, then the characteristics of the dermal regeneration template can be used to reconstruct healthy skin.
Applicable Scope of Artificial Dermis:
Deep wound
Second & Third Degree Burn
Diabetic foot ulcers
Scar Reconstruction
Advantages of Artificial Dermis:
Improve integrity of wound recovery
Improve post-recovery function and beauty
Reduce wound with flap
Reduce number of surgeries and surgical time, reduce number of days of hospitalization
Cerebrospinal Fluid Management System
Ventriculo-Peritoneal Drainage System refers to the use of drainage tube necessary for patients with hydrocephalus, and it is a special device capable of guiding excessive cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricle of the brain to the peritoneal cavity for absorption.
Ventriculo-Peritoneal Drainage System uses a Shunt in conjunction with pressure valve, and the level of cerebrospinal fluid drainage depends on the pressure of the pressure valve.
Fixed Pressure Valve System
It offers 5 fixed pressure values provided to allow a physician to make the proper choice on the most precise drainage level depending on the condition of different patients
Adjustable Pressure Valve System
It offers 18 levels of adjustable pressurized drainage and provides precise pressure values to cope with different patients' conditions. For the new generation of adjustable pressure valve drainage system, it can resist the pressure value shift caused by MRI in order to effectively reduce the risk of ventriculostomy. It is also built-in with the virtual closing function, thereby improving safety during the execution of other brain surgery.
Antibiotics Drainage Catheter
With the application of the latest immersion technology, antibiotics inside the drainage catheter can be continuously released with an effective concentration for 28 days, thereby reducing the infection caused by implantation of a CSF drainage system.
Intracranial Pressure Monitoring System
Impact of Excessive Intracranial Pressure
More than 50% of severe traumatic brain injuries can have excessive intracranial pressure. Since the skull is relatively rigid without elasticity, if the intracranial tissue or blood increases abnormally, it can cause the intracranial pressure to increase, reducing blood supply necessary for the brain tissue, leading to brain tissue ischemia. In addition, brain tissue ischemia can also cause the brain blood vessels to expand, causing brain swelling to become worse and the intracranial pressure to increase. Such a vicious cycle can lead to severe brain damage if not treated properly or even result in brain death due to stopping cerebral blood flow.
Appropriate Handling for Excessive Intracranial Pressure
Before a neurosurgeon treats such type of patients, it is necessary to use the Intracranial Pressure Monitoring System to understand the value of the intracranial pressure in order to administer appropriate drugs and treatment. Currently available micro intracranial pressure monitoring devices can be placed inside the ventricle, inside the cerebral substance, top or bottom of dura mater, in order to provide continuous and precise monitoring function.
Artificial Dura Mater
Substitute for dura mater made of biological material can be applied to dura mater defect due to intracranial, spinal damages, tumor and other intracranial diseases. It can prevent severe complications of cerebrospinal fluid leak, intracranial infection, encephalocele, cerebral adhesion and scar, etc., in order to recover the integrity of dura mater.
Other Relevant Accessories for Neurosurgery

The perforator is used for burr hole trepanation during craniotomy operation. Since it is often used in conjunction with an electric tool, its rotational speed is extremely fast, and if there is no safety mechanism, it may cause brain tissue damage. The new perforator is able to stop its rotation automatically when there is no resistive force exerted thereon, thereby preventing damage to the brain tissue.

Raney clips

Raney clips can be used to secure the scalp during the craniotomy or skull surgery in order to create sufficient working range and vision, thereby increasing the safety of surgery.

Surgical patties

They are equipped with high moisture retention capability such that during the surgery, they can be used to protect the central nervous system or other normal tissues. Products are equipped with X-ray visible marks and are also equipped with suture in order to facilitate the calculation and confirmation after surgery.