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We Provide More Than Just Technology

“Professionalism”, “Team Work”, “Commitment”, “Integrity”, and “Sustainable Growth”. These values are not listed in order of importance; every point has preserved its own unique spirit. We follow these core values in all contexts, whether we pursue a goal or work to improve ourselves.

Core values and corporate culture differentiate us from our competition and provide us with a unique competitive advantage. We must become Taiwan’s most admired medical supply company.

Why we succeed, why we fail and why we are different from others in the industry? How is it that we have been able to establish our own competitive edge and advantage? At the core of this is the element that our attitude towards doing things is different. The attitude on how we do things influences everything from top to bottom, from an individual person to an entire department. At its core, this attitude permeates through the entire company. This is the difference between TBMS and other companies. These differences between our company and others are TBMS’ corporate culture. These are also TBMS’ unique company vitality.

Core Values


We need to thoroughly understand every piece of equipment because it is a matter of life or death. Our definition of professionalism isn’t just knowledge on our product lines, but more importantly, that each employee has proper training to reach a level of sophistication. When “People” and “Equipment” are linked seamlessly together, a faster, most complete service will result.

Team Work

When a team is organized as a large family, it allows us to divide up work and collaborate. Every need of medical organizations, and every solution of problems stem from teams working together. Completion of every item of business relies on customer service agents, technicians, repair personnel, logistics support, and cross department support. Every person offers up his or her own advice and professional wisdom to help others.


Besides furnishing the world’s latest and most advanced professional medical equipment and supplies, TBMS is committed to the promise of helping the medical industry develop and grow. “What we promise, we will accomplish. What you haven’t thought of yet, we will help think of it for you.” This is our commitment.


We treated people with sincerity. Customers were always on top and with them we had to have patience, be hardworking, not be afraid of being troubled, and to complete customers’ requests in the shortest amount of time possible. Moreover, we provided only quality medical equipment and after-purchase service. This became the standard with which we dealt with customers.


From paying close attention to developing trends in medical equipment, to the increase of our employees’ professional quality, and to the expansion of our business scope, TBMS teams pursue every aspect of professional growth and improvement. Let our products, our people and our industry become a community full of vitality.